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Online Book Study for RTI for ELLs

The text RTI for Diverse Learners by Catherine Collier addresses elements for RTI at Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 to “provide direct pragmatic suggestions for implementing instructional interventions in classroom settings with ELL/CLD” (p.11). Participants will take a “choose your own adventure” grade-level approach by exploring a different set of considerations weekly based on a selected grade-level scenario. You will be asked to explore how your choice of interventions from the text are appropriate, could be modified to meet the need of the student, or would likely be ineffective based on evidence from the scenario. Come engage with a book study that works around your goals and sets you at the helm of your learning! Weekly sessions begins on Jan. 7 and end Feb. 25. Each week a new chapter will be addressed and a new set of interventions provided to explore and analyze.

Participants will be provided with a complimentary copy of the text. Due to the constraints of asynchronous feedback, this study will be limited to the first 25 participants. Thank you for your understanding.


Writing Revolution Spring Book Study PLC

The Capital District RBERN is excited to offer a spring semester book study PLC (January 13 – April 14, 2021) based on The Writing Revolution by Judith C. Hochman and Natalie Wexler. Participants will be introduced to the six principles of the Hochman method to improve ELL student writing and reading comprehension. We will begin by exploring sentence expansion activities that are quick, easy, and versatile.
Session 2: Strategies for increasing sentence complexity and variety.
Session 3: Note taking and planning paragraph writing
Session 4: Summarizing
Session 5: Revisions strategies for single and multiple paragraph writing
Session 6: Assessment and bringing it all together
Participants will be invited to implement and share exemplars of these strategies from their own classrooms during sessions 2-6.
Each participant will receive a copy of this wonderful resource.

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