Self-guided Book Study: Special Considerations for English Language Learners

Did you ever wish that book studies could be tailored to meet your needs? You are interested in some chapters of a book, but maybe not in others?  Or maybe your time commitments vary and some weeks are better than others? Then this book study is for you!  We are hosting our first self-guided, asynchronous book study with flexible reading selections and CTLE credits. Here is how it works:

  • You sign up on MLP before the deadline: Midnight, September 11, 2020
  • We mail you your book to begin your independent book study, which runs for the fall semester (Sept 25-December 31).
  • You use the chapter-specific Google forms to guide your reading responses to the chapters of your choice, in the order you select, any time during the book study window. 
  • One hour of CTLE credit will be provided for each chapter once your Google form assignments are submitted and reviewed.

That’s it!  You decide when, what, and how much to read. We provide the books and the CTLE credits, as well as additional guidance and individualized follow-up on request.

Chapter Titles:

  1. A Framework for Considering the Special Needs of English Language Learners
  2. A Collaborative Model of Information Gathering and Service Provision
  3. Describing Before Diagnosing: Observation of Specific Behaviors that ELLs May Exhibit
  4. Delivering a Continuum of Services
  5. The Learning Environment Created for ELLs
  6. Personal and Family Factors
  7. Physical and Psychological Factors
  8. Previous Schooling Factors
  9. Oral Language and Literacy Development
  10. Academic Achievement
  11. Cross-Cultural Factors
  12. Putting It All Together: How Do We Know That What We Are Doing Works?


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