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Next-Generation Summative English Language Proficiency Assessments for English Learners: Priorities for Policy and Research
This report from the K-12 Center at the Educational  Testing Service (ETS) is the result of a one-day meeting convened with the K-12 Center at ETS and the Houston Independent School District. The focus of the meeting was on the annual summative English Language Proficiency (ELP) assessments which English Language Learners (ELLs) take at the end of each school year.

The intent of this report is to reflect the research, presentations, and discussions from the meeting, include common issues raised with respect to annual  ELP assessments and policies, and  conclude with research areas which would support improvement in further ELP design, use and policy.   



Math glossaries and social studies glossaries - http://www.p12.nysed.gov/biling/bilinged/bilingual_glossaries.htm

The Manhattan High Schools Bilingual/ESL Network has posted a number of glossaries at - http://www.litstudies.org/bilingual_esl/BilingualGlossaries/

Intensive Teacher Institute

A Tuition Assistance Program for Bilingual and English as a Second Language Certification Coursework in General and Special Education - http://www.p12.nysed.gov/biling/bilinged/iti.html

Language and Culture

Library of Congress Country Studies

Fostering Intercultural Harmony in Schools

An Extensive Selection of Online Foreign Language Dictionaries

Informe - Database of magazine articles, periodicals and newspapers in Spanish

The Story Teller
Imagine a world where all human beings are like children or kids: human beings of all ages that want to read stories, fables, and riddles ...
Come, meet a world of ...
Once upon a time ...
This website is a great way to engage students into not only reading, but making reading fun. As students read these Stories, fables, and riddles they can cultivate a sense of passion for reading and even an interest in writing. These humorous tales can develop the inner voice that many youngsters have within them.
This website can also be one of those websites that children can go to without parents and/or teachers having to be worried about parental controls. It’s an educational website with means to educate and stimulate young ones brains without making them feel like they are even reading. Below please find the humorous website link:

Children Stories
Here you can find the story you have always been looking for, because there is more than 600 stories that are alphabetized. Your cooperation is important, participate sending your stories. The objective is to be able to store here a great number of stories so they can be readily available for young readers. This website is a working process tool that is used as a story storage website. This website does not only contain alphabetized stories but also contains, audio stories, 157 stories of Hans Christian Anderson, visual stories, 101 classic stories from India, pictogram stories, and much more. The email address to submit any Spanish stories is pacomova@eresmas.net

Top Ten Languages in Questar III RBERN Region


Spanish versions of content area texts - Prentice Hall

Best Spanish Language Web Sites


China Page


Urdu Language History and Culture


Russia on the Web


Arabic Words in English: A List of Cognates


The History of Pashtu


An Introduction to the Korean Language

Other Languages


Content Areas

Help Kits

State Standards/Assessments


Wonderful resource, providing example tests, games, quizzes, study guides and links.


A website with multicultural resources for school children.

Dave Sperling’s Famous Website: Dave’s ESL Cafe

Racial Achievement Gap

Metro Center's Equity Assistance Center


Language Learning and Technology

Educational/Professional Organizations

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)


Learner - Centered Initiatives

National Association of Bilingual Education (NABE)

Teachers to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL International)

New York State Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (NYSTESOL)

Federal and State Agencies

U.S. Department of Education

New York State Education Department


Contact Information for administrators in all QUESTAR III BOCES

Links to State Education Documents

NYS STEM Incentive Program
In a recent news report, NYS announced that it sponsoring the NYS STEM Incentive Program, which provides a full SUNY or CUNY tuition scholarship for the top 10 percent of students in each New York State high school if they pursue a STEM degree in an associates or bachelor degree program and agree to work in a STEM field in New York State for 5 years after graduation.

Here is the URL that links to the information at the NYS web site:

Home Language Questionnare

Commissioner’s Regulations Part 154, Apportionment

Board of Regents


Multicultural Books and Videos

Publishers/Resource List

http://www.alibris.com/ - Sells used books, used textbooks, and rare, out-of-print books from a worldwide network of independent booksellers.

http://shop.ascd.org/ - On line store committed to the mission of forging covenants in teaching and learning for the success of all learners.

http://www.esl.net/ - ESL.net offers software, videos, textbooks, and consultation services to English learners, teachers, and professionals worldwide.


Heinle Cengage
http://elt.heinle.com/ - 25 Thomson Place, Boston, MA 02210; Phone: 877-NEED-ESL - Heinle is the publisher of innovative instructional materials for English language teaching and learning in K-12, Adult Education and Higher Education.

Mantra Lingua Ltd.
http://www.mantralingua.com/ - Bilingual Children's Books, Bilingual Children's Toys, Bilingual Children's Posters, Bilingual Children's CD ROMs, Bilingual Children's CD's, ...

Oxford University Press, Oxford Picture Dictionaries

Peepal Tree Press
http://www.peepaltreepress.com/ - Publishes challenging and inspiring literature from Caribbean, Black British and some South Asian titles.

Saddleback Educational
http://www.sdlback.com/ - Offers materials for grades K-adult in a range of subject areas, including science, social studies, and language arts.


Teacher's College Press
http://www.teacherscollegepress.com/index.html - Teachers College Press presents the latest in educational books.