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District Superintendent
Dr. Gladys I. Cruz

Xrystya Szyjka

Resource Specialists:
Jessa Waterhouse

Program Support Specialist:
Lindsey Konderwich


Teachers, here are some online resources on the languages and cultures of your LEP students, information on the state standards and assessments, links to professional organizations, federal and state agencies, and State Education documents related to the education of LEPs.

Teachers with Refugee Students from Southeast Asia Resources:

Literacy and Intervention Resources:

Parents, check out these web resources for parents from the State Education Department, information on state assessments, and educational activities to do at home.

Students, click here to find great links to help you prepare for regents exams. Check out the language sites and connect with other language learners at Dave's ESL Cafe.

Guidance counselors, there are a number of ways you can help Hispanic/Latino students succeed in school.